Block Fusing

The first step in sewing your Marais is optional: Interfacing.

You may opt to skip the interfacing altogether for relaxed cuffs & collars, though we do recommend interfacing for the following pieces: one collar, one collar stand and half of each cuff piece.

Place the glue side down on the wrong side of the fabric.  Cover with a lightweight pressing cloth - this can be some fabric lawn. 

Press with your iron onto the interfacing to melt the glue onto the fabric.  Hold for 5-10 seconds before lifting your iron and make your way along the interfacing. 

Try not to drag your iron along, as it can crumple or misshape the interfaced fabric piece. 

Learning Curve

Turn the steam setting off when pressing interfacing, as this can hinder the glue sticking confidently to the fabric.  The pressing cloth helps to protect your iron from getting interfacing glue stuck to it.

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