Double Turned Placket

The double turned left front placket is the side that your buttons will be sewn onto.  Once you have your left front piece, let’s get sewing!

With the wrong side of your fabric facing up, match the left front edge top & bottom notches.  Fold the fabric across evenly and press with your iron.  

As above, match the top and bottom notches again, fold across & press with your iron.  
You’ve now prepared your left front and will next be stitching close to the edge to finish it.  Just a slight bit in from the edge (2mm or so) it’s time to edge-stitch the length of your double-turned left front placket.
The presser foot needle opening edge can help guide you as you sew.

Learning Curve

Directional sewing is such an important practice for a professional finish to your garment.  When edge-stitching the left front placket, we recommend starting at the neckline and sewing down towards the hem.  

This means you’ll have the wrong side of your fabric facing up towards you - make sure your bobbin thread is an exact match of your top thread.

Next up, we’ll be sewing our fly-front placket.

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